Who we work with


We work with a range of educators, innovators, community groups, government departments and corporate sponsors to provide people with the tools and skills they need to be successful at work and in life.

“‘One of the key areas of focus for Mana College is to become a school that is informed by data. To achieve this we need to build evaluative capabilities and think about how we gather data. Minded has provided us with a unique set of data that enables us to evaluate our practice and create individual learning plans that are accurate and specific to the strengths of each student. Furthermore, from a pastoral perspective, Minded data provides insights into students that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.
— Greg Sharland, Assistant Principal, Mana College
“Minded was a brilliant experience for our teachers and students Our students gained self-awareness in their areas of strength and were made aware of areas they could develop further as individuals. We were well supported by the Minded team. This is a programme that we would highly recommend.
— Tina Buchanan, Assistant Principal, Kenakena Primary School